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Our Mission and Passion for Art

The Mission of the RML Charitable Foundation is to increase awareness and appreciation of the Art of Ronnie Wood and other artists.

RML Charitable Foundation supports art education, exhibits and activities for everyone as art inspires, educates, and unites people. Our goal is to provide financial and other forms of support to charitable initiatives in the U.S. and internationally.

We do this under applicable laws for operating and maintaining a bona fide private operating foundation.

What We Support

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Art Education

Quality art education fosters creativity, critical thinking, and cultural understanding. Our support goes towards schools, museums, and other institutions that offer educational programs and resources for all ages.

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Art Appreciation

We support initiatives that aim to increase public awareness of the importance of art and its role in society. These include exhibitions, public art projects, and art-related events that promote engagement with and appreciation of the arts.

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Charitable Organizations

We provide financial and other support to other nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations that align with our mission and values.

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International Activities

We assist with global activities and charitable causes that promote art education and appreciation in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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How We Operate

As a private operating foundation, RML Charitable Foundation Trust actively engages in our mission through our programs, activities, grants, and support to other organizations.

We follow strict guidelines and regulations to ensure our activities comply with the laws governing charitable organizations in the United States and abroad.

Our Impact

By supporting art education, appreciation, and charitable initiatives, we strive to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve. Some of the ways our foundation has made a difference include:

  • Funding art education programs in underserved schools
  • Sponsoring exhibitions and art events that promote cultural understanding
  • Providing grants to nonprofit organizations that share our mission
  • Facilitating international collaboration and support for arts initiatives
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Get Involved

Join in our efforts to foster a greater appreciation for art and support the organizations that make it possible. There are many ways for individuals and organizations to make a difference in communities with RML Charitable Foundation Trust:

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We constantly search for passionate individuals to help us manage our programs and activities. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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If you represent a nonprofit organization or art institution that aligns with our mission, reach out today to explore collaborative opportunities.